P A S S I O N  M 1 

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Smart Design House Passion M1


-  open plan living/kitchen/dining area
-  bedroom or sauna with extra sleeping area for 2
-  1 bathroom with toilet
-  large sheltered terrace
-  2 fold-out beds for 2
-  facade with stone cladding
-  fully finished inside and outside
-  ventilation and heating-cooling
-  kitchen, furniture & home appliances included
-  tripple class windows
-  smart home system
-  highly energy efficient
-  eco-friendly materials

Total area 79 m² /
850 ft²
Bruto area 51 
m² / 549 ft²
Net area 39 m² / 420 ft²
W A T C H  D E M O  V I D E O

Passion House M1 video

P L U G  I N  L I V I N G

Passion M1 is all inclusive house and ready for living. Lighting, heating-cooling, home appliances and furniture. You have it all. Just step inside and start living.

Passion M1 is specially designed and honed for compact living. Depending on your needs Passion M1 suits well as a home or a cottage. 

H O U S E  W I T H O U T  W A I T I N G

Passion M1 house comes in one piece on concrete slab foundation. Delivery time 2 months. Installation time on site 1-2 days depending on location. We deliver all over Europe.

H E A T I N G  &  V E N T I L A T I O N

Equipped with high efficient heat pump. Coefficient of performance (COP) for that solution is close to 5.33, which means in simple words that your cost for extra electric heating is around 3 to 5 times smaller from traditional electric heating. 

Smart Usage of Air - perfect room climate – pleasant temperature, comfortable humidity levels and optimum air quality is achieved with minimal energy costs.